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Well, I've been reading Grossman's Time Magazine articles on and off for a while and it is apparent to me that he is a Big Damned Nerd living in a LitFic dominated world. He did this amazing little interview with Neil Gaiman and Joss Whedon at the same time in which Gaiman was bewailing that people considered him literary now. (You write "graphic novels" they say. No, I wrote COMIC BOOKS and was in the gutter and you spit on me.)

So I read this piece as HAH! Genre is so darned cool now the LitFic people are in on it.

And there is, or was for many years, a certain Lurve of Style over Plot in the Snootier LitFic circles. (where, weirdly, I keep ending up no matter how many times I reference Darth Vader ????). So if that is dying, I say HAH with Grossman.

I'd never actually heard of Lev Grossman until John Scalzi did a "Big Idea" post on his new book. I guess publicity does, in fact, do something, since I recognized the name.

A lot of that still exists. And of course, then there's the intra-genre snooties, wherein sci fi authors (not all, of course) snoot at fantasy authors. So much snootiness!

I'm with you, though. If we're getting rid of some of those snooties, hah, and good riddance. There's room enough in the world for all stories, pretty words, and plots.

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