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Stewart Home. Certainly his attitude at the "lecture" he gave at our campus was almost verbatim "My knowledge of the Avant Garde is SO VAST AND AWESOME that if you understand it I'm doing something wrong." Sadly unironic, and rather insulting. In addition to being published, he's also apparently Iconic.

As for Mrs. Dalloway -- I just think saying that it has a plot is to deliberately misunderstand what someone complaining about its plotlessness is saying. If it's semantics, fine, yes, it has a plot, but I can't see it falling to the "plot-heavy, language-light" category you put it in. And this isn't me hating on it by any means. It has more plot than, say, Tristram Shandy (which, if Grossman REALLY wanted to talk about difficult non-linear whatnots, he could've gone back at least to the beginning of the as-we-recognise-it-today novel) but it's hardly something that's going to jump to mind as "wow, what an awesome story that was."

I don't put it in the same category as plot heavy language light. But it's disengenuous to pretend it's totally non-plot as a political statement, and even more so to say Gatsby is.

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