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Ironically enough, I actually did set out to write a dense nonsensical novel when I was in college. We can blame college for a lot. I think I was writing experimental at the time because I wasn't very good at writing in the normal fashion with characters and compelling plot lines and interesting descriptions and dialogue.

Of course, now that I'm marginally better at writing those tropes, I still write experimental fiction and as far as my stories that sold will tell you, that seems to be all that I write. It's what sells for me at least. But the difference now is that my experimental fiction is actually experimental fiction and not the navel gazing crap that I was writing in college.

I can see the blaming of T.S. Eliot only that a lot of his imitators are still at poetry slams and traditional readings in the mistaken belief that all he had to do was throw words together and it comes out deep and profound. Usually when we blame writers for giving us a certain genre, we aren't blaming the writers per se, but their imitators who really don't get why they love the originals.

And you can OD on that kind of imitative writing. I still profess to hate poetry even though I don't. There are plenty of poets and poems that I just adore but poetry is so common in that belief that "everyone can be a poet" or "democractizing the artform" that every poetry audience is like a slush pile reader who is forced to pretend to like everything that's being recited.

Beyond that, I did not know that Kelly Link did not write lyrical stylists.

Ironically, ellen_datlow just posted her contribution to the genre vs. literary debate. I guess none of us are getting any writing done today. :)

(no seriously, I got a 1.5 page job on the history of a sunglasses store that needs doing and I've been distracting myself for hours.)

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