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I don't think I've been this excited about a short story sale in a long time. Like, seriously, when do I ever post about short fiction sales? I like to post when there's something to link to. But this is what happens when you stretch yourself and go places you've never gone before, and someone likes it, validates it, says that all that work was well done and not a waste. You get a little excited.

In other words, I sold the YA vampire story I posted about a few weeks back! (Amended title: In the Future When All's Well) I jumped up and down and squeaked and did a little dance. I can't tell you where it sold just yet, but believe me, I'll let you know when I can. Let's just say I really wanted this acceptance.

I don't usually dedicate things. Novels, sure, although it's tough, because most of my novels should be dedicated to justbeast, who supports me and nurtures me and beta-reads, and I feel like every novel should have its own dedicatee. But I've only ever dedicated one short story before. Nevertheless, though I don't think she will ever read it or understand why, I'm going to dedicate this one to my sister, who inspired the main character. I'm not going to send it to her or anything. We didn't really grow up together, and not everyone thinks it's a compliment to have a protagonist modeled after them, especially when it involves vampires and high school and a lot of f-bombs. But a small part of the story, in the end, maybe the core of the story, was her. The soccer scholarship girl, the golden child. Look, little sis: I made you a heroine. So when it says "for HRT" under the title, you'll know who that means, even if she never sees it.

I'm so pleased! My beautiful assistant, corvaxgirl , who as part of her assistant perks gets to read everything the minute I finish it, loved it and begged me to make a novel out of it. Part of me wants to, part of me thinks the story thrives on floating in that ambiguous space, and a novel would necessarily have to break that tension. Part of me can't shake how powerful it was for me to write that story, how, even though the deadline is pretty far off, every other thing I'm working on slid away for a few days while I just had to write this thing. And maybe there's more there. I don't dare think about it--there's too much else to be done. And yet. And yet.

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Yay! I can't wait to read it. :)

Congratulations on the sale!

I am SO GLAD it sold, because I have to read it!!! Even if I'm totally cranky about needing to buy a teenvamp anthology. Bleh.

Hopefully you are not the only awesome author in it who pushed genre boundaries, or I may just have to rip out your story and rebind it.

I am positive I won't be. I really trust the people who are putting it together.

I gotta say, I've been thinking about that story constantly. Which, is odd, right, because you write a whole lot of amazing things, so why this one? But it was incredibly compelling, and hit on issues I didn't even know I had.

I would LOVE to see it in novel form. A big part of me, anyways. The other part agrees - it does exist in a space of lovely ambiguity, and to expand outside of that space means a lot of strange worldbuilding that might be wearisome for you (because of the particular subject matter). So, unlike some projects (like the VENUS STORY :) ), I'd be zen about not seeing a novelization.

Yay! Congrats!

In case your ears are burning, I mentioned you in a post HERE. When you talked about your writing process with Greer Gilman, some things you said resonated pretty hard with my own writing process.

I really really liked it as well, but I don't think it should be a novel. It worked perfectly as a short.

I maintain, S. wants to be a novel when she grows up.

She stays in the back of my brain, just sort of brooding and lolling around. For my own sanity, she needs to be a full book.

I have been thinking about what you said - could she be a novel? And I still believe that she can be. Fairyland was never supposed to be a novel and here we are and the world is a brighter more beautiful place for it.

I always think no, and then I think about the Hudson Bay colonies, and I think there's something there...a world where the war is lost and everyone is already a vampire...


I've been thinking about that too. . .

Well done! It will be sweet to share the TOC with you. Maybe we can finally read together.

Thank you for letting me use parts of your post about people's asses in public places. I took the parts that were relevant for the discussion and added my own commentary at the end. If you would like to check it over you can here:


If there is anything that you don't want associated with your name let me know and I can change it or delete it, or whatever you like.

Thanks again

Congrats! I'm really looking forward to reading it.

I now desperately want a beautiful assistant. [grin]

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