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My neutral expression falls somewhere between "grim" and "we are not amused, peasant". I've actually found it useful to train myself to maintain constant tension in my facial muscles in public, so that when I'm out and about my face falls somewhere between "bemused" and "good-natured idiot". You may notice that when I'm tired or just really comfortable around people, I drop the mask a bit.

I'm not even sure how to do that training.

At least it keeps me from being harassed by sexually deprived fans at cons. I look like I'll cut them.

...I need you to teach me how to make that my default look.

Raise your eyebrows a little, constantly, and pull your bottom lip a bit in so that you've got the ghost of a smile around your lips. It helps a bit if you've got an excess of bottom lip, of course.

Slightly raised eyebrows with a neutral head position indicate interest and openness, and a bit of upwards tension in the corners of the mouth indicates just enough happiness that people notice, but not enough so that they wonder why you're grinning like a moron all the time.

i have to do this all the time too.

i blame my disney villain eyebrows and cheekbones. it's fantastic for when i decide that i am actually not amused at the peasantry though.

I learned this trick too! It's from years of working customer service/retail.

You're totally right about which muscles to use, too. The trick seems to be not to overdo it. I was having a bad day once, and overcorrected, which led to a person complaining that I wasn't sympathetic to her problem. oops.


I also find if I push my tongue against my teeth it can change my still expression. I always manage to look sad, as if I have just found out my world was washed away by a flood.

Your still expression has a lot of great intensity which is really great.

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