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So, we are a loving, open household. We are an Italian and a Russian. What this means is an overwhelming desire to feed and shelter everyone. On top of that, we live on an island, which pretty much necessitates an open door. When we say: come stay with us, most people don't take us seriously. But we are CRAZY COMFORTADOR MOTHERFUCKERS, I tell you what. I say all this because the natural response to what I'm about to say is going to be: OMG won't that be crowded??! But. It is not so. All will be well. Houses expand to contain excess love.


babymonkey  and mishamish  are moving in with us!

Some of you will say: !!! Some will say: who?

babymonkey  and mishamish  are two old and dear friends of ours from the Cleveland days who were looking to start fresh somewhere not-Cincinnati. Since I'm like the booster-girl for Portland now, I extolled the virtues of our brick-and-cobble city by the sea. Long story short, mishamish  is doing some serious bliss-following and heading back to school and they are going to come move into our guest room for an as-yet-undetermined period while they figure out Maine and all her virtues and vices. (Is not a poly thing. Don't speculate, Internets!)

We are super excited! They're arriving on the 24th and we should probably clean up the place. Fortunately matociquala  and marykaykare  are dropping by next week for a visit (and a photographer who is heartbreakingly not kylecassidy  is coming to shoot my office and me tomorrow) so we'll probably get on that shortly.

Old friends! D & D playing friends! Rock Band playing friends! What love books and are hilarious and awesome! It's going to be a full house, especially since I'm headed into the freefall of book deadlines and this makes a strange Cat, but it's our tribe, man, and we can't wait to have them, safe and sound, a bit of our old lives and our new one smushed together.

*kermit arms*

So please, to welcome two new members of the Dramatis Personae of Cat's World.

What does this mean for you? That if you spend the night in the near future, it's the couch or BYOAirbed, instead of a room to yourself.

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Oh, I'm so happy for you! A house full of love! And two dogs! Which are houses of love in and of themselves!

More (of the right) people is always better for me. Noise and nudity never phase me, and neither does "family dirt," as my uncle calls the inevitable filth which comes with more people but no additional cleaning (which is what happens when my family gets together).

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