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Can I wildly speculate that the photographer is the awesome and talented kylecassidy, and if I am correct would this be for his "Where I Write" project?

Sadly, no, Kyle hasn't committed to coming to Maine yet, for which cause I CRY.

It's a local photog who is documenting island authors. There's a panel on Tues. and a blog coming.

I completely assume/wanted it to be Kyle too. Can we start a campaign in his comments for you?

I dig out this icon in their honour!

Very awesome! Many congratulations :D

Yay! Happy people make for happy houses. Bless!

That sounds cool. Friends are awesome!

Is it Kyle Cassidy? I ask because I know he's doing that super intriguing "Where I Write" project. I've been following his journal for about six months.

Sadly, no, he hasn't committed to coming up to Maine yet. I hope he will! This is a local writer thing. I'll post about it!

Sorry, btw - I posted from my mom's house and couldn't remember my password to log in. :) Makes me feel like a creep when I'm "anonymous".

Houses expand to contain excess love.

This made me smile. All houses should be like this.

I'm super excited for you :D

I totally understand the "not-Cincinnati" thing. Though I have to admit, since my 'Yote has moved down, it's been a much happier place (and seeing it through his "never-lived-anywhere-but-Kent" eyes, it's actually not nearly so bad). :D Though the poetry scene sucks - I have to get him to either Dayton or Columbus for a decent Poetry Slam (not that I'm complaining - the Columbus Poets RAWK). :D

I wouldn't say that houses expand, it's more you learn how overrated privacy is. :)

So why don't you and E. Bear have a writer/reader's conference up there? I'm still interested in a writer's workshop, too. But more interested if it happens in early August or late July 2010.

Well, there is no possible way to do it during the summer. This is a small island and it is overrun. There are no hotel rooms and no discounts available. I always said it had to be in the off season.

E. Bear and I have never worked together and I have no idea if she'd want to do it, but I still plan to do a workshop. I'll see if I can get it together next year.

Maybe September, then?


Southern Girl

But you alone would be just fine.

That's the likeliest time.


Also, I am now in love with the word "comfortadors."

Also also, if I am ever anywhere near Maine, I will definitely take you up on your hospitality.

Well, it's from Buffy, much as I'd like to claim it.

(Deleted comment)
Well...you might get recruited. To the D&D agenda.

No, no, play Capes, Capes!

I hope her majesty Bear has time for someone on the mainland, too. :()

You could always come over.

Is Kyle Cassidy coming to take your pic? If so, cool! If not, cool!

No, he hasn't committed to Maine yet. Grr. It's a local thing.

Oooh! I bet I can guess who the photographer is...

Nope! I love Kyle and am trying to get him to come out, but this is for a local thing.

d00d! Those peeps of yours sound AWESOME! I hope we get to meet them while we're up that way. :-D

Oh, I'm so happy for you! A house full of love! And two dogs! Which are houses of love in and of themselves!

More (of the right) people is always better for me. Noise and nudity never phase me, and neither does "family dirt," as my uncle calls the inevitable filth which comes with more people but no additional cleaning (which is what happens when my family gets together).

YAY!!! I love it when my lonely friends recluster and are happier again!!!!

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