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With the second paragraph, what I'm getting at is that boycotting companies that hire people someone considers evil are as likely to be aimed at--and have at times been aimed at--companies whose perceived crime was to treat people like us as human beings. I am firmly convinced that we're right and they're wrong. But some others are equally convinced that what I'm doing is "open immorality" and an incitement to same. (I don't consider it immorality, but it is open, and I am happy to incite similar behavior in others.)

What are you doing that might be considered "open immorality"? I'm sorry. It's been a long day and I think I've lost all ability to comprehend. :/

I'm bi and polyamorous: those people would consider that adultery and/or fornication, and add that I don't even have the faux-"decency" to hide what I'm doing, I'll take a hotel room at a con with my husband and my girlfriend.

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