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As an ex-Mormon kid who loved SF/F, it was natural that I grew up reading Card. Ironically, his gay characters in Songmaster and the Earth series (while problematic) were still the first semi-sympathetic gay characters I'd read, and part of my getting over the Mormon church's homophobic indoctrination. Weird, huh?

I've since come to terms with the feet of clay. I'm not buying any more of his books, but the quality, as I see it, has gone downhill. (Empire is due to be culled in the next culling. Goddamn, that was bad. The Boy bought it because he knows I loved Ender's Game but neither of us liked it.)

Songmaster actually taught me that men could have sex with each other and have relationships. I was 11. Thank you, OSC, for opening up a beautiful queer world that I would one day be a part of.

I had the same experience with Songmaster. (The whole "and then they DIED" thing went right over my 14 year old head, I have to admit.) I'm still trying to wrap my mind around that one. He is -- or was -- a true talent (Hart's Hope, Alvin Maker, Enchantment) and he's the one I do miss, but I'm hyper wary of dipping my toes back in that pool. Who needs it?

Until this comment, I'd never considered the thought that OSC himself may be gay, and what he spouts is what he has to tell himself to keep himself in the closet.


Doesn't excuse him, though.

I'm not buying more of his books, but I really enjoyed Ender's Game and Speaker for the Dead, and he was really kind to me when he found out I'd be going to Clarion. I'll still cherish the book he inscribed at that time welcoming me as a writer.

I certainly don't go with the view that all homophobes are closeted, but in the case of Card? I think it might be true. If you read his political columns where he goes on about how hot and desirable man-on-man sex is and how boring and difficult het marriage is and how laws must exist to keep men chained to women or they'll run off and fuck men like bunnies and the human race will die out.. yeeeeeah, think the guy has issues.

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