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I spent 7 years as a YA librarian, and I assure you, summer reading lists are an issue. It was on the order of 50-150 books per day that I was finding for them. This does not include the kids who found the books without asking a librarian, or the ones who just went to the bookstore and bought them.

Outside of Summer Reading Season, the YA desk averages 20 queries a day.

I would be surprised if the required reading purchases across the country of Ender's game were less than 5-10,000 copies a year.

Right, and given that numbers (sales from the register to chain stores) for EG are around 100,000 for years without either a refreshed edition or another Ender's book and around 250,000 for years with a refresh or another Ender's game, we're not really talking a significant number at all.

And that isn't really a substantial part of the 100k-250k sales NK is quoting, sadly.

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