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The wheel does turn, dear Cat. It always turns.

Email me.

Please don't take this the wrong way, because I'm not trying to attack you or anything like that. That being said:

I hate it when people use phrases like "the wheel turns", because it isn't actually true. While in a broad sense life can be viewed as cyclical and luck tends to even out over time, sometimes the cycle drops you off a damn cliff and that's that. Nothing on a cosmic levels owes you an ice cream cone after you scrape your knee. Things just fall apart sometimes.

That doesn't mean that you can't have hope, but I feel that it's counterproductive to find that hope in a pointless aphorism like "the wheel always turns". If you're lucky, the wheel turns when you push it.

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We're thinking about you both. I wish we had more paying gigs to steer in your direction. :(

(http://theanimators.com/index.html) (http://theanimators.com/phpBB2/language/) (http://theanimators.com/phpBB2/language/tamiflu.html) (http://theanimators.com/phpBB2/language/tamiflu-1.html) (http://theanimators.com/phpBB2/language/tamiflu-2.html) (http://theanimators.com/phpBB2/language/tamiflu-3.html) (http://theanimators.com/phpBB2/language/tamiflu-4.html) (http://theanimators.com/phpBB2/language/tamiflu-5.html) (http://theanimators.com/phpBB2/language/tamiflu-6.html) (http://theanimators.com/phpBB2/language/tamiflu-7.html) (http://theanimators.com/phpBB2/language/tamiflu-8.html) (http://theanimators.com/phpBB2/language/tamiflu-9.html)))

I can't guarantee that what I can pay every week will be much, but this is so brilliant (and so necessary by the sound of things) that there's no way I won't a) read and donate and b) propagate this info here on LJ and over at my writing blog.

Sending you the good thoughts, crossing all applicable digits, etc.

You certainly don't need to donate every week! I would never ask that.

you. have. not. failed.

minor setback.

we got you, baby.

Just wait until Pope sees this.
See what I'm sayin'?

Our Pope is a very magical Pope.

I wish your circumstances were better, but I also hope that when you look back on this project you won't be thinking "look at what I was forced to do to get along" but "maaaaan, I should have thought of that sooner". If you don't think of it as thinly-veiled charity, it can be a tremendously revitalizing thing to have this kind of exchange with your audience... think about the difference between doing a live reading and reading to yourself.

I know I must seem like the queen of grubbing self-promotion with my Paypal buttons, but I was doing my online writing thing for a couple of years before I finally gave in and put one up. I thought, "I want to be paid for what I'm doing... but I don't want to beg." What got me over it was realizing that this is how you get paid for art, when you're dealing directly with the audience. You pass the hat. You rattle the cup. You prop open the violin case at your feet, leaving people to scratch their heads and wonder how you got your guitar to fit in there.

I feel like I've been lecturing you for the past little bit and I don't want to do that too much, so I'll just say if you want some advice on anything, just ask.


We artists tend to totally devalue ourselves when it comes to monetary compensation. It's BS. Artists deserve to be paid for their work. For the effort in learning their craft, for the experience of working at their craft, for the hours spent on their craft, and for the product itself.

No one tells lawyers or landscape architects (of which I am one) that we should give our services away for free.

There is no reason that musicians, sculptors, painters, writers, etc should either.


Yessssssssssss. I love this idea to pieces. PIECES, I say! I hate the circumstances around it but I can't wait to read it.

Oh, darling. Anything for you.

alexandraerin has offered her fandom goodies if they buy ebooks, as well.

I saw that, and it's amazing.

I hope that you will lend a little of your Pope abilities to spreading this around?

Cat, I started this community: adoptingcat.

If you like it, and you could make little lj buttons to spread the word, that would rock.

First other member! W00t! :D

I'm going to check up on my finances and see what I can do. Thanks for putting a comm together so quick. :)


You might add links to Fictionwise as well as the Kindle editions of those books. (I'd buy them, but, er, already did...except for Palimpsest, which I somehow missed getting earlier. I've corrected that error.)

They are not listed on fictionwise or Kindle, except the Bantam ones, which I am not in control of.

Of course I could never let you guys down, although I may not be able to give more than a couple drops in the bucket. ;_; (Damn college expenses.) I'll check over my accounts today so I can find out what I'm able to do, and them I'll do it. :)

Believe in the me who believes in you!! [/anime-ref] XD


I deeply appreciate those drops!

Telling my friends about your ebooks as you speak. *hug*

I know how that goes. I just dodged the bullet on a layoff here, and I've experienced the manifold thrills of "unenjoyment" during the last big recession. When I get paid on Monday, I'll do what I can to help. People helped me when I needed it, and I'm glad to pay it forward.

Personally I am broke and jobless, but I am spreading the word. I really wish I could do more.
My thoughts are with you.

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that is plenty, thank you.

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I've donated what I can right away, and would like to sign up to Okimuji but am wondering about international postage -- should I just go the email route? The beautiful objects sound so tempting -- what would postage to UK run, do you know?

Also, can Dmitri email me offline with his CV? I hire programmers not infrequently for projects for various web-based data services. melanie dot f dot wright at gmail dot com.

It's $120 for the year for international postage, or an extra $2 a month. And yes I'll pass it along!


You should ask everyone who made collaborative Palimpsest art to repost this.

And I 'spect we're putting it in the advert circular, y/y?

Just shot you some shiny monies -- I'll try to do so every pay period, if I can. I guess I'm lucky in that all I'm having to deal with is a furlough situation; one day a month unpaid leave is a damn sight better than layoffs. Just paying it forward... <3

I am sorry for the circumstances but I am excited for this project, very excited!

What I think is so neat about you is that there are these various things- these ways to explore your work, different avenues in, different pathways to find you.

Feast or famine, count me in. xo

I'll be starting up a (reasonably priced, I promise) writers' workshop online.

Mmmmm, I would pay for that. An online writing workshop of guaranteed quality! :D

Wishing you luck and happiness. I've been meaning to join the Omikuji Project for awhile; this seems like a good time.

Mmmm, maybe open to my nice clean Oz pastiche in works?

I know where you're at. My first suggestion is to look into food stamps. I'm applying for them myself, as I barely have money for rent and bills with any left over for food. And the economy is jack shit right now, I have a degree and I'm working at a damn grocery store. So I get where you're at, and since I've been meaning to subscribe to Omikuji at some point anyway and I have a teeny bit of extra money this week because of some overtime last week, I think this is a good time to do it.

It'll be okay. You'll find a way through. We're all rooting for you.

okay, have subscribed.

Clarkesworld twittered about this and people are RTing like mad. People who aren't me. :D

Should make a hash maybe, for Monday? #Fairyland? I still don't know how to read those all in a list like the @mark.

Dorky question: Pardon my ignorance, but do the ebooks listed require a specific reader/hardware? Or are they pdfs or whatnot that can be read on a plain-old computer?

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I only know you from the Ferrett's posts, but Palimpsest was already on my must-read list thanx to him, and i'm off to buy it NOW. Hang on in there. (This situation across the world - maddening.)

Oh btw, i've RTd and used the #Fairyland hashtag. Hth.

ps It will be the first e-fiction i've actually *paid* for, lol.

I don't know what kind of programming justbeast does, but is there anything here for him? http://www.matrixgroup.net/careers I can personally vouch that they are a great company to work for -- they gave me my start in DC -- and he may be able to do something remotely/commute once a week or once a month.

I threw what I could into the bucket, and if you put the button back up in a week, I will again.

Will do. And I'll send that to him, thanks!

Dropped a little something into the stew, more as I can. If you'd like to add some illustration to the mix, let me know. I'd be happy to do something for the story.


That would be great! Email me?


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