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I will admit, I have actually seen that movie. Not all of it sadly, but several Sundays ago SciFi was having a movie marathon involving snakes. I caught about the first 20 minutes of the movie before switching over to CSI. And let me tell you, it was glorious.

Equally large boas solve everything.

Britney Spears running amok, pursued by an army of gloating, culture-devouring morons? Equally large boa.

Unfortunately, the release of Lindsay Lohan did nothing to stop the Britney from consuming Pittsburgh.

Bogged down in an ill-considered invasion with no way out in sight? Release an equally large boa, my friend. It'll work itself out.

We said the same thing about the badgers, and all they did was make everybody even jumpier. Can we really be sure that the equally large boa policy wouldn't come back to bite us in the end (figuratively or otherwise)?

Here via Metaquotes -- OP, this is win.

But I also had to comment to tell you your icon is fantastic! It's turning me into Carol Channing all over again.

Ah, the only thing that will never backfire!

Sadly, I am ill-equipped for the boa wars... mine is made of feathers.

I am of the belief that one of feathers might work as well. Clearly, some of the world's problems are due to feelings of unfabulousness. Boas of feather can resolve that!

Fantastic. This automatically brought bigbigtruck's picture to mind.

Oh god I've got to rush out right away to the nearest reptile-mart and buy my very own boa! Errr maybe ... not.

But they're not one size fits all! You have to get an equally large one.

I need an equally large boa to cure my cold! It would totally work.

My boa will join the boa uprising!

I utterly adore this post.

Thank you for totally making my day with this ^_^

(Here via kshandra)

-- Andi <3

Hee! Now I need an Equally Large Boa icon.

If you find one, let me know :)

Did they mouth off about it in russian?

In other news, that's a fucking awesome idea.

This screams for cross-posting!

You cannot argue that the outcome would not have been infinitely preferable if, instead of $30 billion, the Federal Reserve had released an equally large boa into the Bear Stearns offices.

Here via Metaquotes, and I cannot strongly enough express my agreement with this statement. This post is made of win and joy.

OMG!!!!! That is the funniest thing I've read in some time. I desperately want to see that movie now. Why not a bigger boa? It would be wasteful, when one of equal size is clearly effective enough.

LOL! Thanks for the laugh in my day.

*quietly giggles in cubicle, head down on desk*

I wanna work for FEMA now. Can I be the one to evaluate boas? Please? I would be good at it! And we could check and see which boas have been fed enough mice and small ground animals lately, and which ones are up for eating a fellow reptile, and which ones want to eat feather boas and don't tell me that's not fabulous, it is, and I want to see a Russian SUP dude be menaced by a boa until he's dangling off a balcony trying to get away from the boa, only to have a PYTHON climbing the building toward him, muahahahahahaha...

Alexander the Great would approve of this solution to public policy. I know he would.

I was down in the dumps. Thinking about offing myself. Then I read this post, and had an epiphany. An equally large boa could consume the worm of despair that had taken over my life.

Someone saved my life today.

Boas! United! Can never be divided!

"If we all put our boas together, we can bring about true change. "

This needs to be on a bumpersticker. Or a button.
I believe in something again and it is boa power.

BTW, The Bank of America is shortened to BOA, so they may count as an equally large BOA...

PS: I'm not sure if this is a boa. I just needed to find the weirdest, largest-looking yet un-contextualized constrictoer out there, and this one fit the bill.

Actually, it is not a boa, it is a python... it is a Reticulated Python, but really, does it matter all that much? Once a snake has gotten to over 20 feet in size, Boa or Python ceases to become terribly relavent.

dionysus1999 sent me here. Truly hilarious. Do you think a large boa could help me to fix my suddenly broken car?

I want to help make this the next ORLY.


I challenge you then, my friend: go forth and macro!


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