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And, Pt. II
c is for cat
Oh holy shit...the awesomeness of this knows no bounds:

Contest for the Creation of Orphan's Tales Foodz

*flails helplessly in joy*

By the end of this, you'll be able to have a whole Orphan's Tales feast.

Wait for it to snow, then have it outside in a garden or garden-like area.

Don't say that! It's too cool!

But the coolest part is that you would actually be able to do it!

(Deleted comment)
Among mystery's proliferating subgenres is culinary mysteries. The detective is a cook or caterer, and there are actual recipe directions included in the text.

I wonder if there's a potential market for culinary fantasy novels.

That is so awesome! My favourite food blog and my favourite book, all creating recipes. OMG!

That's really awesome!

BTW, I took OT:itNG on a plane last night. Fastest flight ever (in my perception, at least).

I would LOVE to create a raw food-friendly dish for this contest! But I have never really tried to cook anything in my life. Then again, it can't be too much harder or different from creating necklaces - just combining textures to appeal to different senses.

What a cool idea!