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Your mom has a little U in her.

Psst! "Osborne" -- no U. *grin* I'm so amazed at someone spelling my first name correctly, I almost didn't notice.

It's so weird to read my name follwed by "is from some town" (in this case, Sacto). I mean, sure, I was definately born there. That's even what it says on my birth cert. It's just been a long time since my self was tied to any particular town, that I tripped over it in print form.

More on that to follow Monday at 2HC, I think.

BTW, you totally broke Joe's brain. He's all "Poetry like whoa, who knew?" Go team you!

Re: Your mom has a little U in her.

I win like a mofo. Poetry is like a zombie. You can say zombies don't exist, but they just keep comin'.

Have fixed the name.

I don't consider myself "from" Sacto either, but I think we'd better both face it, because no one not from there can rattle off crap about it like we did. ;)

Re: Your mom has a little U in her.

Yer mom just keeps comin'.

Re: Your mom has a little U in her.

Um...that's what she said?

It was a nifty panel to share with you. And just the other day, while reading Barrie criticism, I thought of you when coming across passages about what a vile little thing Tink was to try and seduce Peter or kill Wendy.

Heya. BAd-Ass Fariies is not a DMD book. Sweat and SA are. I actually do not know the BAF publisher off top of my head.

Thanks again for showing up. It was a blast.

Oh, they kept mentioning other DMD books, I just assumed. :(

Oh and I would've too. Trust me.

And I just found out my story for there made it past first round cuts, so yay!

Oooh. I feel all cool now, since I know someone who has their own wikipedia article. :P

Seriously, though.. Congrats. :> *hugs*

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